Global H2O

Global H2O was created in July 2009 by James Wilde in order to address the growing water crisis in developing rural areas. While pursuing his goal of climbing the world’s seven summits, he travelled to remote regions and witnessed the effects of contaminated water on people’s lives.

Using PR from his 7 Summits campaign and thanks to the help of Sage Business Solutions, he secured the initial funding and key fundraising software for Global H2O.

Global H2O also benefitted greatly from our friends at The Great Outdoor Provision Company and Modry Design Studio.

During this time, Chris Wooten joined the board as Chief Marketing Officer and Davis Simons became Administrative Officer. Later, the board grew to include Michael Sosnowy as Chief Financial Officer and Craig Davis as Chief Operating Officer.

The organization expanded internationally with managers in several countries: Wilhelm Brunner in Austria, David Humphrey in Germany, and Rob Shaw in the U.K.

Along with forming a team of experienced leaders, we have been fortunate to receive donations from friends and family which have helped us to raise the funds and create this initiative. Thanks to their trust, Global H2O was able to complete its first project in Uganda, giving water access to more than 2000 people.

Since that time, we have received numerous donations from various corporations as part of their CSR programs. Together, Richard Anton KG and BCD Travel have contributed enough to fund an entire well project, which was completed in Uganda in January 2011.

So far, our actions have provided water access to more than 7000 people. If you are interested in seeing how Global H2O works, this link shows the work streams, process flow and business model of our charity.

There is a lot to say, but still a lot more to do. Please join us in this cause!

If you have any questions about Global H2O, please write to and we will answer as soon as possible.